Less is More

May 2017

When it comes to My Hours product design, less-is-more is our credo, and we think our 1st blog is the perfect opportunity to tell you about it.

The software has a natural tendency to bloat over time, to grow new features and get increasingly complex. The process is driven by a number of forces, some well-known and some not so obvious. Many fine books have been written on the subject and we don’t intend to go into details here. Suffice to say, we are very well aware of the pitfalls of creeping featurism and where it leads. Been there, done that. Who hasn’t?

The trick is, ease of use is not easy to achieve and keeping it real is a constant struggle. Because there is also a certain critical mass of functionality for any product to be viable. Or as Albert Einstein once allegedly said: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not too simple”. Radical minimalism won’t cut it either. What you can expect from My Hours is being tight, focused and stable.


So, how exactly are we going to do that?

1) We will stay focused on small teams.  We believe that time tracking gets exponentially more complex with the team size, and we want to avoid that.

2) Our core feature set will stay simple. We track time for two basic categories, PROJECTS and TASKS. Then we have a meta-category CLIENTS for project grouping and invoicing. That’s about it.

3) We do track time on projects, but we do not intend to go into full-fledged project management. We gladly leave the notoriously complex matter of dynamic planning, task shuffling and forecasting to others. Small teams don’t need that.


Is that really all there is?

Well, no. We have added four options as additional Pro features which can be simply disabled and put out of the way if they are not needed. Here they are:

  • Simple client INVOICING based on your client charging RATES. If you charge your clients per hour, or on a flat rate, you can invoice them straight from My Hours.
  • Simple BUDGETING where you can set the project budget, either in money or in hours. That puts the budget balance meter right on your project dashboard.
  • The PRO plan allows you to manage a TEAM. You can also delegate certain admin permissions to team members.
  • Simple SUPERVISION mechanism with track approval, if you need to watch over the time tracking process.

It may already look like plenty, and it really is. Now, instead of more, we will focus on better. While keeping My Hours lean and mean. And above all, simple to use.

The product guy